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Other Services


TV Installation

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Novatel Communications is the expert in the TV Installations business. With over 20 years’ experience, you can expect a professional job at very competitive pricing. Our Installations Engineer will install your TV and additional equipment such as sound system, Android Boxes, Free to Air Systems, SKY Boxes, regardless of the model, make, or size. Novatel is an independent installations company (not affiliated with any TV retailers in Ireland) who provides professional and affordable installation services. We can connect all existing equipment and that includes, DVD, SKY, Surround Sound Systems, Free To Air, Freesat, Home Entertainment and business systems giving 24 hrs non-stop entertainment channels from around the world - all for once off cost no monthly bills.

Our confidence is a result of our large volume of satisfied repeat customers throughout Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Tipperary.

House Moves

Moving Home or Business?

We also do house moves, so if you're moving, we can move your satellite dishes, aerials, and etc. We will take care of all the headaches involved with moving your TV & Wi-Fi distribution systems from one building to another. Cabling, Access points, leave it to us your professional & preferred installations company.

WiFi Solution For Home and Business

If you're a DIY type of person and tech savvy enough to build or put up your own WiFi setup then this service may NOT catch your interest.

However, if you're the person I know of, who knows little about tech or networking but definitely needs a wireless network setup throughout the house or office, then Novatel can solve this for you. As we all know, broadband companies only install the modem in your home and once done, they will take off and forget about it. While you think about how you're supposed to have a WiFi connection on your Smartphone or Android TV box, or Gaming Console perhaps?

Novatel offer a range of tailored solutions to homes & businesses that will distribute your internet connection throughout your home, office, yards or wherever you need to get connected.

Using our expert knowledge and cutting edge 4G/LTE Equipment, we can supply & distribute Internet including Wi-Fi signal to:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Farms
  • Outdoor Sheds
  • Construction Sites
  • Wind Farms
  • Rural Dwellings
  • Portable Sites
  • Trucks, Taxis, and Boats – in fact all vehicles
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Bars, Restaurants & Cafes
  • Anywhere that needs connection we can help

If you do have signal, but it does not cover all areas in your house, office, location, but signal is too weak to make the Internet work, then we can help. We use the latest equipment such as access points and antennas to ensure that you get the best possible internet coverage throughout your desired location.

Expanding Your WiFi Coverage

Well, we got you covered. Save time and worry no more. We can do all sort of networking and that includes expanding your WiFi coverage throughout your house or office. It may be a school, restaurant or cafe.

We'll set you up your own WiFi hotpots using the cheapest networking equipment possible to cover your desired area. We have experience and technical expertise so expect that our work is satisfaction guaranteed.

Dish & Aerial Repairs

We repair/replace satellite dish and aerials. We also do cabling for new houses, adding tv points to rooms and TV distribution throughput your house. Aerials can be a danger to chimney’s when they get old and rusty, we remove, repair and replace. Satellite dishes have a life span and need replacement every number of years depending on where you are located, are you open to adverse weather etc. Novatel offer an entire TV Installation, repair & replace solutions so contact us today at 022 23440.

TV Mounting Service

Need assistance with your TV wall mounting or ceiling mounting requirements? We can help!

We supply and install all mounting types to place your TV in the best place possible, whether it be in your living area, bedroom or you name it. We can provide you a wide range of TV wall/ceiling mounting brackets to choose from. Brackets that swivel, fixed or flat, tilting or full-motion, and you name it! We can install one for you, one that will suit your needs. Along with these, we'll keep cables out of sight employing various systems and hacks to hide, reduce or completely eliminate visibility of unsightly cables.

Foreign Satellite installations

Satellite channels from most European countries and to the further side, are available in Cork. Languages includes; Polish, French, German, Russian, Czech, Slovach Italian, Spanish, Turkish and more. If you have your own dish, we would happy to set it up for you. But if you don't have one, we can provide and install it for you.

Available Satellites:

  • Astra 19.2 East most popular with German speakers as it has all the main German channels
  • Astra 28.2 East Provides Sky signals and Free to Air / Freesat signals
  • Hotbird 13 East mostly used here by Polish and Russian speakers
  • Arabsat 26 East provides many Arab language channels
  • Turksat 42 East Has most Turkish channels

SKY Magic Eyes and Room Extensions

Product Image - Magic Eye for Sky If you've got SKY and would like to watch it in one or several rooms, you need to have the Magic Eye for SKY, along with the necessary cables and other equipments to complete the setup. No extra subscription costs and the setup is perfectly legal, since most SKY boxes have been manufactured to be compatible with this system.

This setup would allow one person to watch SKY in various places in your home. Like the living room, bedroom and another to watch SAORVIEW in the kitchen or SKY in the lounge and SAORVIEW in the living room or SKY anywhere. The SKY Eye will allow you to control the SKY box from any room the eye has been installed in, though the SKY box is in another room.

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